Crank. Out. Content.

I reached a personal goal…content. I have no background experience as a writer or with professional blogging but I wanted to try something new. With a couple of short stories whirling around in my head, I decided to start with WordPress as a motivator.

My next step is to work with an editor to polish up each story for grammar, clarity and ideas. I’ll be using Fivver for the help. It’s fascinating what technology can help us create.

Here are the six stories I’d like to start with:

That Pink, Wavy, Elongated Tongue; The Grubb Twins; The Loneliness Cold; Mr. Patrone; The Ketchup Stain; That Boy; That Girl.

This part will take a bit of time, which is fine. Summer break is in about two months and I hope to have this project completed by then. All I can do now is open up my heart and allow the evolution process to begin.

Also a quick shout out to all the twenty – four followers who have taken the time to either follow or like my content…I really appreciate you.