I Feel. You.

Those days when I feel you nigh…I sit up-right…forearms resting on my inner thigh…

I Feel. You.

When the exact words I want to say…get caught up in the tumultuous fray…

I Feel. You.

They said you were a simple man…”One who would understand”…even if there were no master plan…

I Feel. You.

Our responsibilities were not the same…you married and chose the family frame…while I decided to go insane…

I Feel. You.

Now that I am you when I was just a kid…a midlife man with feelings hid… although no wife or child to do my bid…

I Feel. You.

Today I know what it’s like to be a man…a boy trapped inside who doesn’t understan’…the responsibility of being a leader…when the voices outside just wants to jeer and cheater.

I Feel. You

I feel you dad…I feel you dad…every second of every day…when times get tough and I’ve lost my way…I follow exactly what you say…

“Just kneel down son and pray.”

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