Blog Highlight: The Cat’s Write by Milly Schmidt

Bedroom; 2019

As I celebrate two months of blogging, I wanted to reflect and take inventory on what I’ve learned and created so far. My overall goal is to learn how to write and eventually self publish. Although some of my stories still need a lot of work: grammar, detail and final resolutions, I’m using this platform as an incentive for myself to crank out weekly content.

I would like to thank all of the 18 followers who have chosen to either like my content or add me as a regular onto their WordPress Reader. I promise to make an effort and read everyone’s blog (or at least browse through them) as I get to know all of you wonderful people.

So far, when it comes to serious blogging, of all the “must – do’s” I’ve learned, it’s to share content from other bloggers. I believe it’s a great way to spread creative energy. This week I’d like to focus on aesthetic and content.

Milly Schmidt’s: The Cat’s Write

I absolutely love what Milly is doing with her professional writing and personal blog…it really is inspirational. When I first clicked on her page, my eyes were automatically drawn to the clean lines and relatable text. It helped me understand what she’s passionate about. She’s written several short stories and if you get a chance please read: Two Weeping Willows...if you haven’t already.

Milly’s very generous in the blogging community: educating others by sharing her own struggles and achievements…but has also taken the time to highlight others.

I want to be like Milly’s blog when I grow up!

Thank you for stopping by : )

2 thoughts on “Blog Highlight: The Cat’s Write by Milly Schmidt

  1. Thanks so so much! This really brightened my day 🙂 Oh and I’m so glad WordPress does those link ‘ping back’ things! Looking forward to seeing how your blog ‘grows up’ !! I wonder where you’ll be in 4 years?


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